Burnt Island popular for education programs

6:06 PM, Jun 7, 2010   |    comments
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SOUTHPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Burnt Island is becoming well known because of the educational programs offered there.

Elaine Jones is the Director of Education for the Maine Department of Marine Resources.  She works with people of all ages on the island and at the Maine State Museum in nearby Boothbay Harbor. 

"Kids are probably best because they get so excited and we love the middle school kids," she told NEWS CENTER as she worked with a group of fifth graders from the Weaterbee School in Hampden.

The kids were on a three day stay on the island.  Their teacher, Sue O'Brien has brought students here for nine straight years, "It's the best hands on experience they have all year," she told NEWS CENTER. "They learn about lighthouses, survival techniques, compasses, GPS.  They learn all about the outdoors.  It's a great experience.


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