What's your mosquito bite remedy?

(NEWS CENTER) -- It's mosquito season in Maine and on the Morning Report, we talked about some home remedies to help with all the itching.

Most home remedies have something go directly on the bite. Here's what we've heard of:

- Rubbing a bar of dry soap

- Apple cider vinegar

- Slice of lemon

- Slice of onion

- Peppermint toothpaste

We asked you to share your mosquito bite remedy secret and here are some of your responses:

Joseph Laurento Thomas: Apple Cider Vinegar is a cure all!!!

Dave Hamner: Deep Woods Off

Laura Harryman Jones: Heat spoon in hot tap water. Place on bite till spoon cools. Stops the itch and makes the bite go away.

Sara Dunton: Witch Hazel

Charlene Wirebaugh Poulin: A drop of lavender essential oil takes the itch away and helps the swelling.

Lois Merrill: Alcohol, but not the kind you drink.

Fran Field: Hand sanitizer! It's mostly alcohol and really works.

Crystal Palmer: Press an "x" pattern with your fingernail in the bite. It will hurt for one second but it immediately stops the itch.\

We also asked how you keep mosquitoes biting in the first place.

Erik Schirrmacher: Brewers yeast, 1 tablet a day

Kathryn Doak Snow: I use a combination of wild plants blended in a blender. In looks awful, but it works!!!

Jen Marston: Esty Human Nature of Maine herbal salve

Juliana L'Heureux (@julianawriter): We have a miracle Mosquito Magnet Heaven in the yard no bites minimize risk of mosquito borne illnesses


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