Avoid running injuries with easy exercises

(NEWS CENTER) -- The Beach to Beacon is less than two weeks away and runners around Maine are training hard for the world class event. However, excessive training can cause injuries, even for experienced runners.

Mary Brunet from Back in Motion Physical Therapy said the three most common running injuries are shin splints, planter fasciitis and knee pain. People will get shin splints from little foot arch and adding mileage too quickly. Brunet recommends doing an exercise that has the foot pushing down into the ground, while raising the arch at the same time (see video for demonstration). Planter fasciitis is becoming more and more common. The pain is often the worst in the morning and is from a collapsed foot arch. Knee pain results from poor tracking that often comes with adding mileage. Brunet said the most important thing for preventing these injuries is good shoes.

Muscle strength also helps eliminate running related pain. Brunet said that people often have pain in the gluteal muscles. She said turning the knees out, using the gluteal muscles, helps strengthen the muscle group, which helps with running and knee pain. It also helps with IT band injuries, an injury that is difficult to stretch out.


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