Talk through anxiety to identify root

(NEWS CENTER) -- Fear and anxiety are at the heart of what goes wrong with humans and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Jack Burke said these emotions can have deleterious effects on relationships if not handled correctly. Fear and anxiety are different. Fear is a reaction, as in "I'm scared of...," and requires action.

"You might hold my hand or get rid of the mouse," said Burke.

Anxiety is a mood or state and is a reaction that is going on internally. The only way to get rid of anxiety is good information. Sometimes people don't know what is exactly making them anxious, said Burke.

"If you're anxious and if I ask you some question and you start talking, you might discover 'oh that is what I'm really worried about,'" said Burke.

Empty reassurances and dismissals don't help the situation. Saying, "it'll be fine" or "don't worry about that again," doesn't help anxiety.

"If we talk, we figure out what the anxiety is, and then we can manage it," said Burke.

Missing information is always at the root, said Burke. Slow down and listening is the key to management.


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