Rangeley Trail Center welcomes skiers and snowshoers

Rangeley Trail Center welcomes skiers and snowshoers


Rangeley, ME (NEWS CENTER) -- Even though Saddleback remains closed, there's plenty of action for winter sports enthusiasts in Rangeley. The Rangeley Trails Center offers wilderness experiences in cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. One popular activity is snowshoeing a 1-K loop known as the "Nome Home Roam."

It's for little kids who hit the trails to find little houses which are inhabited by hand-made drones.  It's a great one hour exercise on a cold winter night.

"It's important to get the kids out there," says Marty Valishka who helps manage the center.  "We've got to get some gnome houses out two or three miles so that the parents get out there too!"

The center of the Center is a yurt where equipment can be bought or rented and refreshments can be bought. 

For more information about the center, just click on the link.  http://www.rangeleylakestrailscenter.com/


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