Mom's social media lesson works too well

(NEWS CENTER) -- Some people have compared one mom's social media lesson to demonstrating the dangers of drunk driving by drunk driving. The mom intended to show her 12-year-old daughter how quickly a photo can spread once it is on the internet and her experiment worked too well.

The mom posted a photo of her daughter, Kira, on Facebook. She asked people to share and like the photo and to switch the privacy to public. Her post alone got nearly 9,000 shares within a few days.

The photo moved from Facebook to other websites, one of them being 4-Chan. 4-Chan describes itself as a "simple image-based bulletin board where anyone can post comments and share images" anonymously. However, its users often become the justice seekers and pranksters of the internet. 4-Chan users were able to track down Kira's own Facebook page, home address and phone number. They began prank calling her home and then ordered her pizzas (one of their favorite pranks).

4-Chan users also made some memes with the original picture Kira's mom. A meme is a picture with words overlayed, usually making a statement or for humor. Some of the memes of Kira made fun of the mom's idea, others made inappropriate jokes.

This mom's idea to shows the dangers of the internet, but many people are saying she went about it the incorrect way. The lesson from this - just talk to your kids about social media.


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