Microchips can help bring pets home

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Summer is the time of year when the Bangor Humane Society sees a lot of strays and lost pets coming into the shelter. The animals are often scared off by crowds or fourth of July fireworks.

This inspired the Bangor Humane Society to hold an event Saturday that could help pet owners keep better track of their animals... And even reunite them quickly if they get lost.

Chris, Sam. It's the closest thing to putting a tracking device on your furry friend- a microchip. It's a chip the size of a grain of rice that is inserted under the skin with a syringe between a dog or cat's shoulders. And it's one of the best ways people have to get their beloved animals home safe and sound.

Once the chip is registered into a national database, all it takes is a quick scan to immediately reveal the contact information of the pet's owner. Any shelter or veterinary office that finds the animal can then get in touch with the owner and get the pet back to him or her. Members of the Bangor Humane Society know that not all pets wear I.D. Tags and collars can break or fall off- but one microchip is good for life. The chips help the shelter not only return pets quickly, but helps them make room at their facility faster.

"A few years ago we had our first cat that had ever been microchipped and we were so excited. When we called the woman, the woman said that her cat had been missing for three years and she didn't know where it went. She just kind of figured the cat wasn't coming home. She was so excited to come. There is no better feeling than to reunite a lost pet and their owner," said Director of Development and Public Relations at the Bangor Humane Society, Stacey Coventry.

On Saturday, the BHS will be inserting microchips and giving rabies shots- both for fifteen dollars each. The first year of the microchip registration is included- after that it's $18 a year or $50 down for the life of your pet. Doors open at 11am and the Bangor Humane Society asks that you please secure all cats in dogs on leashes or in crates.


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