Local slashes her body weight in half

DEER ISLE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Beth Alteri is looking like a model after cutting her body weight in half. Now, Beth holds a special place in our hearts because she worked at WLBZ for more than four years. And today she shared her remarkable story with the country. This was an emotional day - most filled with happy tears, hugs and cheers of support from family members. Beth topping 262 pounds at her heaviest is now showing off her itsy bitsy teenie tiny waist on the Rachael Ray show. In on year, she shrunk her stomach the old fashion way through healthy eating and regular exercise.

"I was not one of those people who struggled with weight my entire life. I was really tiny when I was little all my cousins referred to me as boney Beth."

Yet last year, Beth, who lives in Ellsworth, said she weighted in around 262 pounds. The reality hit her even harder in a family picture.

"My Mother-in-Law took a picture of us on a boat trip and she posted it on Facebook and it was the most humiliating picture I think I've ever seen."

But the numbers didn't add up until she recognized the change in her personality. She was starting to become the invisible Beth.

"I didn't want people to look at me. I didn't want to be seen. If I could of blended in with the floor that would of been fine with me."

Still the sweetest high comes from her husband, Philip Alteri.

"You continue to inspire me on a daily basis and I want to thank you for letting me go on this journey with you. And here is to a new chapter. I love you."

Beth used the Weight Watchers program throughout her weight loss journey to help her stay on track. She said this program taught her to eat what she loves, just in smarter and healthier ways. In December, Beth became the leader of the Bangor Weight Watcher meetings on Thursday nights. She enjoys sharing her story to help motivate others.


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