How to organically care for diseased plants

YARMOUTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Along with every gardening season, comes some diseases and pests.

"It is a war out there," said Tom Estabrooks from Estabrooks.

In the case of spider mites, Estabrooks recommends brushing it off and then using a few products

"All season oil spray is a great organic way to treat any sort of sucking insects a lot of times," said Estabrooks.

The oil is hot so it is necessary to be careful because it is possible to burn the plants. Estabrooks said the best time is first thing in the morning or at dusk when it is cool outside. Estabrooks said another good product product is neem oil and can be used the same way. These are multi-use products that on aphids, white flies and sucking insects.

Red thread is a problem this time of year for lawns and Estabrooks said the conditions have been perfect. There are two remedies to red thread, one is using an organic fertilizer and the other is infuse, a fungicide. Red thread is it does spread with splashing water, via rain or watering.

Blight affects tomatoes and has been reported in Buxton. Pennsylvania is having a terrible problem in Amish country. There are reports that Buxton has it on potatoes. Potato blight and tomato blight is the same fungus, said Estabrooks. He said copper fungicide is a good way to start and it is necessary to be proactive. He recommended pre-treating the plants to avoid the fungus. He said if the fungus has already taken over, gardeners should call the cooperative extension or yank them out of the garden, bag them up, and get them off the property.


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