Haunted house frightens final fans

Saving Halloween

NEW HARBOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It takes a true Halloween fanatic to spend their Saturday gluing up gargoyles. Mike Morrison was doing just that last weekend.

At the same time, his sister April was setting up skeletons and fine-tuning other scary things. Just a normal October day for the pair, who have been frightening friends and neighbors with their haunted house for 17 years.

Mike said it began as his sister's idea: "Then April came up with the idea we ought to do a castle. And I said if you have a castle you got to have a dragon."

That led him to build both a castle and a dragon, then a second dragon. The two, big, smoke-snorting Fiberglass monsters were created from scratch by Mike, who named them Colby and Gale, after the local fuel company for which he works.

PHOTOS: The Haunted Castle’s Keep

But the centerpiece of the display is inside the castle, where visitors enter a dark maze of passageways full of frightening sights and a few "scarers"-- costumed friends who love to leap out and frighten people feeling their way in the dark. The whole experience has been luring hundreds of people each year, and the screams can be heard as the scarers do their work.

But this year may be the end, Mike and April Morrison said they're having trouble getting enough help to set everything up. This year they started in early September, working weekends and nights. April said she set aside her pastry business for most of October to get the haunted house ready, and make sure all was safe.

"It's bittersweet," she said of the decision to end the long tradition. "We love it and we love having the community come in. But it is something for us, two people to have it all done by deadline, make sure everything is in place and safe as possible, there's a lot of testing a lot of late nights. So it is a bit much," she said.

However, the demons need not despair. The castle and haunted house might not be here next year. But Mike and April said they aren't closing the door on Halloween, either.

"Oh we'll do something," Mike said. "It won't be on this scale but we'll do something. You can't quit cold turkey you just can't."

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