Brother-sister car crash brings family together

ROBBINSTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It is a story which could be described as a miracle. A man coming home from an overnight shift at the mill and a young woman heading to work for an early shift. The roads were slick with ice early Sunday morning on Route 1 South in Calais when Kylee Caruso, 18, lost control of her car. Unlike the other driver, she knew she was about to hit her brother Logan Caruso.

Kylee Caruso said, "I knew once I came around the corner that it was my brother and I as going to hit him. There was nothing I could do."

Logan Caruso drove his truck into a snowbank to avoid the collision, but it was too late. His sister's car clipped the back of his truck. It was not until he got out of his truck that he realized the other driver was his little sister.

Logan Caruso said, "I almost fell to the ground when I got out of my truck. i kept hollering to her and hollering to her...So many emotions were going through my head at that time. 'Was she ok?'"

"You could see his eyes just widen at that point and he just ran over to my car. I couldn't breathe because of all the stuff coming out of the airbag and I couldn't let my door open," said Kylee.

Logan was able to rip open the car door and get his younger sister to safety before calling police and reaching their parents who were asleep at home.

Their mother Jill Caruso said, "I had that instinctive feeling and she is on the phone saying mommy mommy. She just couldn't finish it and then Logan is on the phone saying mom you and dad need to get to Calais now."

Their parents recall it as the longest ten minute drive of their lives. It was not until they were on the scene that they saw Logan's truck and realized both of their children were involved in the crash.

"You know the chances of a brother and sister getting into a car accident together in separate vehicles? No one has ever heard of it," said Robert Caruso.

Both siblings walked away from the accident with only a few bruises.

The emotional scars continue to linger with the Caruso family.

"For two days my wife keeps asking me what is wrong...we could have lost both our kids," said Robert Caruso.

"We are just so close and to think that something could have affected that is really hard, still," said a teary-eyed Jill Caruso.

The Caruso family said this close call brought them even closer together and reminded them to enjoy the special moments they have together.


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