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From classic rock to modern pop, and historical fiction disasters to historical fiction war movies, there's a bunch of good media coming out this month.

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Coldplay/Ghost Stories – With Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin "consciously uncoupled", some fans may wonder if Coldplay will pull a Taylor Swift and have a bunch of songs about Gwyneth. I'll let you know tonight.

The Black Keys/Turn Blue – Following their breakthrough 2011 album, El Camino, some fans wonder if The Black Keys will continue on their meteoric rise… Although this album came out last week, it's worth mentioning because of their passionate fanbase in Maine.

The Doors/Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine – This album has been out of print for over 40 years. It was finally reissued on vinyl for Record Store Day this year – and is now finally available on CD (as a double CD) for the first time ever.

Conor Oberst – Upside Down Mountain – Oberst is best known for his work in Bright Eyes… He's famous for thoughtful, introspective and outwardly simple yet deceptively complex music. How does this album stack up?


Monuments Men – with an all-star cast – George Clooney, Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett, Bill Murray – and an exciting storyline (WWII "treasure" hunt based on a true story) --- why did this movie not make a bigger splash at the box office? I'll tell you why (and why you might want to see it anyway).

Pompeii – as one of my co-workers puts it "it's Titanic with a volcano". So is Titanic with a volcano worth watching? I'll let you know.


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