McAuley High School students give to Tanzanian students

Students pack a 40-foot shipping container full of supplies.
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SACO, Maine


More than a dozen students from Catherine McAuley High School in Portland met at Sure Winner Foods in Saco to load donations onto a truck for students in Tanzania.

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A group of students took a trip to the African country in April, and since then has raised more than $3800 and has collected vitamins, medical supplies, furniture, toys, linens, clothing and other goods to share with the people of Tanzania, an area in which 70 percent live in abject poverty.

The students from McAuley filled a 40-foot long shipping container with these items. This collection will enable 50 Tanzanian girls to go to school.

The items will go to St. Lucia Orphanage, which serves all children born with HIV and/or with other life threatening diseases. At any one time, there are 25-45 orphans who call St. Lucia "home."

The same couple who runs St. Lucia also operates the Sunflower International School. It welcomes children ages 4-9 years old and offers a learning environment not otherwise available in the public primary schools.

"It's very difficult for people in America to understand what it's like over there if they don't see it with their eyes, but we got to visit people who lived in huts and didn't have beds, who slept with the animals on the floor," said Mai Magin, a senior at McAuley H.S. "There was a little girl in that situation so it was a very eye-opening experience because you feel much more grateful for everything that you have."

The hope to bring laptops and more medical supplies to Tanzania when the adult organizers go in February to help the Tanzanian students receive the goods.